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健力士世界紀錄 - 「全世界最大的麵包字」成功在 2018.7.8 達成!

此紀錄共動用了 1,111個無麩質麵包砌成字樣 "FREE",喻意無致敏源,食得自由。




Achieved a new Guinness World Record

We created a new Guinness World Record "Largest packaged food word" on 8th July 2018 using 1,111 gluten-free breads! The breads formed the word "FREE" which represents allergen-free and eat with freedom. 

The Guinness Official came to witness and presented the certificate to us.

Thank you for everyone who joined Freefrom Festival Hong Kong and contributed in this record!

All breads were donated to Food Angel right after the event on 8th evening.

Well-known artist Ms. Natalie Tong, founder of FFIA Ms. Bonnie Lam and the chairperson from Vertical Expo "activated" The Love Train at the opening ceremony on 6th July. Ms Tong helped us write the first "train cart". Freefrom Workshop attracted lots of families to taste what is it like to be allergen-free. All sessions were full on 7th and 8th July!

健力士世界紀錄活動所用的無麩質麵包由 NutriAlley 營樂 (贊助提供材料並合力研發。


無麩質麵包研發成功後,全交給一所社企製造,活動後麵包已馬上捐贈予 「惜食堂 Food Angel」 (。除此之外本協會也贊助了 「CDF 兒童發展基金」 來自基層家庭的學員來參與健力士和無敏節工作坊呢!

All gluten-free breads used in this Guinness World Record event was developed and sponsored by NutriAlley ( Here are the photos taken during the development process in June. Aside from achieving the Guinness World Record, the success in gluten-free and vegan bread development and producing over 1,000 breads at once was already a big milestone! 


After confirming the recipe, we gave it to a social enterprise for production. All gluten-free breads were donated to a charity Food Angel ( right after the event. We also sponsored members from the "Child Development Fund" to participate at this world record event and have fun in our cooking workshops! 

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