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  • 19/4/2019 親子無敏午餐和餃子 Party

    【無麩質, 無小麥, 無蛋奶】


    來參與復活節親子午餐和餃子 Party! 


    活動與社企餐廳 籽樂廚房 Sowergift Kitchen 合作,支持聾或弱聽人士提供工作機會。

    家長不單可教育小朋友尊重社會不同人士,來到學習手語,也可享受無敏午餐,再學包無敏餃子,多豐富的假日活動 :D





    主菜:茄蓉雞柳米通粉 (肉食) 或 自家製香草醬荷蘭大啡菇米通粉 (素食)


    3-5歲小朋友也有特別的 DIY 動手做兒童餐,同樣是無麩質, 無小麥, 無蛋奶, 無堅果,餐單包括:

    - 毛豆粟米脆筒

    - 芝味紫菜

    - 粉紅幻紫巴西莓碗








    **課程適合成人,或家長攜同 3-5歲小朋友來參與。 






    日期 :19/4/2019

    時間 :12:00-3:00pm

    地點 :籽樂廚房 Sowergift Kitchen, 尖沙咀山林道38號「銀座38」3樓 (佐敦MTR D出口)

    學費 (包午餐,授堂費,材料費):

    個人 每位HK$650

    親子 (1成人+1位3-5歲小朋友): 每組 HK$770





    【Gluten-free, Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Egg-free】



    Easter fun day! Come & join our parent-child allergy-friendly lunch and dumpling party!


    We are partnering with a social enterprise, Sowergift Kitchen, to support job opportunities for deaf or people with hearing loss. This is a great chance for parents to bring their kids to learn to respect different people in the society, learn sign language, enjoy an allergy-friendly lunch plus making your own allergy-friendly dumplings!




    At your arrival, you can enjoy a 3-course lunch including:

    (Appertizer) Peachs and corn salad

    (Main Course) Gluten-free pasta with chicken in home-made tomato puree or Gluten-free pasta with giant Holland mushroom in home-made pesto (vegetarian)

    (Dessert) Raw vegan chocolate brownie 


    For 3-5 years old kids, they can enjoy a special DIY children menu, including:

    - green soybeans corn salad in gluten-free cone

    - seaweed cheese roll

    - acai bowl with corn puff


    The executive chef at Sowergift Kitchen has experience in serving Italy food service in hotel restaurants. 


    After lunch, the dumpling class officially starts! You will learn how to make the dumpling skin, then have a hands-on experience in making your own dumplings!


    The finished dumplings can be cooked by steaming and frying. You will have chance to taste in the class.


    ** This class is suitable for adults, or parents with 3-5 years old child to participate.

    ** Individuals will receive one set of dumpling ingredients.

    ** Parent-child group will receive one set of dumpling ingredients to share.

    ** This class is also suitable for vegetarian. 

    ** If you have any allergy request, please let us know when you apply this class.



    Time :12:00-3:00pm

    Venue:3/F, Nathan Hill, 38 Hillwood Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. (Jordan MTR Exit D)

    Fee (include lunch, teaching & ingredients):

    Individual per head HK$650

    Parent-child per group (1 Individual +1child of 3-5 years old) HK$770


    We spent at least half year to develop each recipe.

    Let's experience the fun in cooking with allergen-free ingredients without sacrificing taste!

    種類 Type
    午餐/餃子選擇 Lunch/Dumpling option