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  • 17/8/2019 無麩下午茶派對 Gluten-free Tea Party (Egg & Dairy-free)






    - 煙三文魚三明治

    - 焙茶杏桃三明治

    - 蘑菇芝味薄餅

    - 無油雙重巧克力布朗尼

    - 香橙鬆餅

    - 宇治抹茶蛋糕

    - 法式檸檬撻




    你還可跟國家高級評茶師及茶藝師學品茶技巧,品嚐茶莊 「第三天 」完全沒有農藥種出來的中國純茶,即席品茗。



    • 喝茶睡不著真的是咖啡因的問題?
    • 茶葉標著「有機」是否真的有機?
    • 喝茶原來對過敏體質有關係?







    **活動適合成人和 6-12歲兒童



    日期 :17/8/2019

    時間 :2:00-5:00pm

    地點 :銅鑼灣駱克道522號4樓


    個人 (12歲以上) 每位HK$ 420

    兒童 (6-12歲) 每位HK$ 320





    Come join us for an allergy-friendly dessert & tea tasting party!


    We will be serving more than 10 sweet and savoury allergy-friendly desserts. All recipes are gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free. Some are also soy-free and nut-free. Come and eat freely!


    Part of the dishes include:

    - Smoked Salmon Sandwich

    - Hojicha Apricot Sandwich

    - Mushroom Cheesy Pizza

    - Oil-free double chocolate brownies

    - Orange Muffin

    - Uji Matcha Cake

    - French Lemon Tartlet

    And more!


    You can also learn how to taste Chinese tea from a Certified China National Tea-Taster (Third-level) & Tea Artist, and enjoy the premium tea organic & chemical-free Chinese Tea from Tea House, The Third Day.


    The tea house will discuss the following questions:


    • Is it really because of the caffeine in tea that keeps you awake if you drink tea at night?
    • Is tea labeled "organic" really organic?
    • Are there any tea remedies that can sooth food allergies or sensitivities?



    Come and join us to have fun!


    About the Certified China National Tea-Taster & Tea Artist

    He has been learning tea for more than 5 years and deeply interested in the theory of tea, brewing techniques and the health benefits of tea. He went to Guangzhou in 2014-2015 to study and obtain the qualification as a Certified China National Tea-Taster (Third-level). He has rich experience in holding tea tasting workshops for many large organizations.



    ** This event is suitable for children 6+ and adults to participate.

    ** If you have any allergy requests, please let us know when you apply this class.


    Date:17/8/2019 (Sat)


    Venue:4/F, No.522, Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


    Individual (12+ years old) HK$420 per head

    Children (6-12 years old) HK$320 per head

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